True IP System - Telecor eSeries

Telecor’s eSeries is a unique network-based Intercom and Paging system featuring PoE (Power over Ethernet) digital clocks, administrative consoles, intercom stations, speakers, and amplifiers. Devices are customizable and Installation is quick and easy: each device becomes operational when you just plug it in.


  • The eConsole provides an administration center for your eSeries system. Using the keypad and feature buttons, you can quickly establish two-way voice communication with any other Console or Intercom Station. Combine it with the rugged eSeries Desk Microphone for one-button paging and headset/footswitch support.
  • The eStations enable crystal-clear high-definition voice communication between rooms. Certain models also offer the ability to place call-ins, initiate pages, or provide a dry contact output.
  • The eAmplifier adds public addressing capabilities to your eSeries system. Connect a line audio source such as a microphone or CD player for making live announcements or broadcasting music. The eAmplifier also provides outputs for standard 25V/70V speakers.
  • The eClock provides the perfect digital clock solution for any time keeping application. Its design emphasizes ease of installation, use and maintenance.

The eSeries devices are designed to minimize service and maintenance costs. Expanding a system is simple: just plug in additional devices to any POE switch on your network. No server configuration or IP addresses are needed to worry about. Telecor’s eSeries provides the flexibility and scalability to meet almost any facility’s needs.


IP Hybrid Solutions


• Browser Based Remote Access • Deploys on Existing Network • Hybrid Platform • Scalable • Reduced Installation Costs

• Intuitive GUI • Simple Installation and Configuration • Ideal for Multi-Building Campus Facilities

Telecor’s IP Products provide two-way voice communications over TCP/IP Networks. They are used in combination with Telecor’s XL and TII communication systems to provide a hybrid solution, a complete network solution, or an IP based extension to a traditional system. Combining technologies, create a uniquely flexible, yet cost effective solution for all communication needs. In single building facilities, conventional intercom and public address systems, utilizing traditional 25/70 volt audio distribution infrastructures, could still offer the most cost effective solution. However, extending the distribution network beyond a single building often proves to be expensive, requiring large expenditures on wiring, conduit, switching equipment and installation labor. Telecor’s IP solution is very similar to computer networks, where packets of data are transmitted through the LAN, from one node to another, based on the addresses assigned to them. Like the typical LAN, the Telecor XL and TII systems employ various nodes to interface between audio sources and various IP based switching modules, audio amplifiers, speakers, and intercom stations. Paging announcements, intercom communications, music programs, time tone signaling and secondary clock synchronization are transmitted through the LAN to these devices



Analog Intercom Solutions


Harris Security Systems is an area leader for educational communication and paging solutions, specifically designed for but not limited to school applications, include unique features that are used in the daily operation of educational facilities.  Intercom systems provide centralized control for a broad range of functions including:

  • Intercom
  • Paging
  • Program distribution
  • Built in master clock
  • Secondary clock correction
  • Time tone signaling for class changes


Utilizing an easy-to-use desktop instrument, communication between administrative staff and classrooms is quickly established. Teachers can quickly initiate a call to the office in the event of an urgent situation in a classroom with a single touch of button. Custom built units employ microprocessor based technology to establish direct communication between any remote station and desktop instrument. 

Harris Security Systems also offers multiple standalone solutions for phone or microphone based paging, clock sync, and bells as well. 

 and More!

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