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Technology As A Service (TAAS)

Technology As A Service (TAAS)

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Technology As A Service (TAAS)

Technology As A Service (TAAS) is a subscription-based payment model for all of your technology equipment needs. This is different than a lease. It provides you with added protection and flexibility unforeseen anywhere else on the market. You just focus on operating and using the technology while it is useful and relieve your organization from the burden of owning outdated obsolete technology.

School Security Equipment As A Service

Security surveillance technology equipment for your educational institution is becoming a necessity for keeping students and staff safe. But you don’t have to stress your budget to do it. There is a smarter way to pay that gives you flexibility and control that traditional payment options like cash purchases, bank loans, and traditional leasing cannot offer. Learn about the termed rental option that allows you to procure security technology as a service.

Surveillance/Security Equipment You Can Finance For Your Educational Institution

  • Indoor Cameras

  • Outdoor Cameras

  • Hardened/Rugged Equipment

  • Video encoder/decoder equipment

  • DVRs (digital video recorders)

  • NVRs (network video recorders)

  • VMS (video management software)

  • VSS (video surveillance storage) devices

  • Video analytics software

  • And any other related technology equipment

Affordability & Convenience

Choosing to pay as a service allows you to make one low convenient monthly payment for a select term. This option prevents you from having to make a large capital outlay upfront. You can preserve your capital for revenue-generating activities in the future.

Protection & Peace of Mind

If your equipment no longer meets your needs you are able to exercise your Solution Replacement Guarantee. Upgrade to a new solution without rollover balances or penalty fees. Protect yourself from technology obsolescence with technology equipment as a service.

Freedom & Flexibility

Don’t end up handcuffed to old technology. Technology equipment as a service is a fee for us program, like a termed rental. Pay to use the new technology only while it is useful to your operations, then easily upgrade when it is not.

Exclusive Benefits to Technology Equipment as a Service

Solution Replacement Guarantee

The Solution Replacement Guarantee is protection from when your technology becomes obsolete and no longer meets your needs. Whether it is on day one or three years into the term, if your acquired solution no longer meets your needs, you can have it replaced with a new solution. No rollover balances. No penalty fees.

Act of God

Protect your equipment from natural disasters. If any of the equipment financed is damaged during the term due to a natural disaster such as flooding, lightning, tornados, fire, etc. 100 percent of your out of pocket insurance deductible will be paid covered.

Bundled Support

Lock in the cost of your maintenance agreement at today’s labor rates for the duration of your contract term. The monthly cost will be bundled without finance charges into the same payment as your equipment. Acquiring technology as a monthly payment makes choosing a full term support contract easy. It’s always there to protect you and keep you operating without a large financial burden.

The Smart Way to Pay

It is obvious, based on market indicators, that as a service type of payment models make the most logical sense for acquiring a depreciating asset, such as technology hardware because the value lies in the USE rather than ownership of the equipment.

Flexible End of Term Options

Customers choose an end of term option that is right for them. A lot can change in 3-5 years. Decide what’s best when the contract comes to an end, not upfront. Renew with the solution replacement guarantee, renew without it, return the equipment, upgrade to a new system, and more.

Operating Expense

This payment model is specifically designed as an operating expense and qualifies for off-balance sheet accounting treatment. Utilizing this type of accounting treatment preserves cash, maintains credit lines and allows you to protect your debt ratios.

(*Please consult with your accountant to find out how an operating expense can benefit your specific operation.)