Mass Notification

Harris Security Systems specializes in providing customers with leading Life Safety & Mass Notification technologies utilizing solution such as the Edwards HyperSpike® Series High Power speaker Arrays (HPSA) employ exclusive HyperSpike® technology to deliver lightweight and acoustically sophisticated solutions for outdoor Mass Notification installations. These rugged outdoor rated units are among the industry's smallest in physical size, yet they reproduce some of the clearest and loudest audio signals available. At a fraction of the weight and size of competing products, the typical solution can be mounted on rooftops without the need for costly structural reinforcement. Highly intelligible audio performance, you wont believe what you can hear!  The MA-2 delivers an acoustic output of 148 dB and broadcast range of 12 square miles, so you can be confident that voice commands and tones will save lives, mitigate casualties, and minimize chaos.‚Äč



  • Highly intelligible audio performance
  • Four dispersion pattern options
  • UL 1480A LISTED
  • Wide frequency range of 100 Hz - 8 kHz
  • Optimized for human voice
  • 320 to 6400 watt configurations
  • Mounts to standard 2-inch mast
  • Heads as light as 16 pounds
  • Rugged outdoor construction
  • Reliable and supervised interfaces to the EST3 platform
  • Class I, Division 2, Groups A, B, C, and D hazardous location
  • certified


Multiple Applications

  • Emergency Notification
  • Force Protection
  • Disaster Relief Alerting
  • Temporary Alerting
  • Pier-side Alerting
  • Military Security
  • Campus Security
  • Power Plants
  • Maritime & Port Security
  • Factory & Production Area Paging






Adaptable, Customizable

HyperSpike® Series loudspeakers are available in a number of different configurations, from one-panel configurations that provide a relatively narrow sound dispersion, to five-panel configurations with full 360° sound projection.  With the ever-increasing need for flexibility in mass notification, the HyperSpike® MA-1 and MA-2 allow customizable mass notification. One or multiple sides can be activated, providing right-sized sectored notification. With minimal influence on output, the MA-1 and MA-2 can be used where selective notification is necessary to minimize the effect on neighboring areas.



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Weather Call Integration

Harris Security has provided and installed this Mass Notification system for various emergency situations.  This system can be heard intelligibly from up to a mile from the speaker in all directions.  This video was produced by one of our partners on the project WeatherCall who provided the weather interface to the system.  This system is based upon the EST3 fire alarm platform.  Call Harris Security Systems if you need to protect your campus with Mass Notification.  See video below of a recent installations we completed with WeatherCall.


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